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Onsite recruitment is a process of meeting your Specific bulk requirements from the targeted area to fulfill the urge need of the client. Our straight forward and focused approach in the business enables us to work in close partnership with our clients; thus ensuring a full and complete appreciation for each vacancy and person specification.

Quite often an organization’s human capital initiatives require on-site assistance to meet their required staffing objectives. … Our recruiters can work in collaboration with your organization to¬†locate candidates, interview prospects, and facilitate the hiring process.

our onsite recruiting manager would manage the following:

  • Help define your staffing needs (temporary and permanent placement)
  • Manage recruiting, sourcing, screening resumes, staffing, scheduling, payroll, and billing
  • Supervise your existing vendors and negotiate discounts where appropriate
  • Check all background and work referencesn
  • Handle all employee negotiations
  • Monitor satisfaction